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We treat all types of patients, including car accident/whiplash victims.  Many of our patients are suffering from back and pain pain, but many of our patients are not in any pain at all.  They are patients that want to stay out of pain.  It turns out that Chiropractic is a great way to prevent future back problems.

My office offers custom one-on-one treatment specifically designed for your condition.  Many times, along with my custom chiropractic treatment plan, we will incorporate nutrition and/or specific supplements,  which will expedite your recovery.   Further, since I work with a trusted family medical doctor, Dr. Robert Tomchik, MD., with almost thirty years experience, I will not hesitate to make a medical referral when necessary.

Accident related injuries which cause back and whiplash neck pain, headaches, and radiation of pain or numbness into the extremities, are a big part of my practice.  These injuries very often require a careful touch, because of the acute and painful nature of these traumas.  Furthermore, don't underestimate the seriousness of a whiplash.  

I have been treating auto accident related trauma for over a decade and understand the importance of treating these painful conditions correctly and carefully.  Furthermore, I take extra special care when documenting yourf there is ever an issue regarding coverage, or if there is an insurance company that it not responding to a claim, I am here to help. 

Remember, I am your advocate.  When it comes to your insurance coverage, I will fight for you. After all, this is the coverage that you paid for with your hard earned money--and it was not cheap!

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